Thursday, November 14, 2013


Kids Interviews from Traders Point Christian Church on Vimeo.

Connor, my little redhead, was interviewed at church by Pastor Jake.  This video was shown during the church services a few weeks back.  Makes me laugh everytime!

As I walked through our living room, my eyes shifted to a mirror hanging on the wall.  The reflection was clouded by little handprints.  I sighed as I mentally added "clean mirror" to my ever increasing to-do list.

Those handprints conjured up a memory from last week's Smoky Mountains trip.  During one of our hikes, we stepped into an 1800s Baptist church sitting within the valley.  The church interior was sparse, consisting only of wooden benches and a lectern.  We plopped down on a bench and listened to our hiking guide provide commentary about the structure.

She pointed to the ceiling and remarked on the handprints covering the wooden beams.  Indeed, big and little handprints littered the ceiling. The handprints were those of the original church builders.  By using green lumber with wet sap, a permanent imprint of the builders' hands remained 120 plus years later!

Gazing at those handprints, I thought about handprints that can be seen years later; I'm not talking about physical marks, but emotional and spiritual imprints.  I pondered what handprints I'm leaving on my children.  What handprints do I want to remain?

The handprints I hope to leave are those of faith, patience, love, compassion, hard work, endurance, joy, and laughter.  I hope when others gaze at my sons, they see those handprints for years to come.  

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