Friday, November 22, 2013

Life is a Stage

My proud mama buttons were bursting when Connor played the Huntsman in his elementary school's production of "Snow White."

Connor chats with his friends (and brother) after the play.  

Collin is all smiles when pal Garrett is behind the wheel.

A special cold weather play date at Chuck E. Cheese!  Collin was smitten by the whole experience.  

The school cafeteria was packed.  Grandparents, parents, and siblings filled the tables and snagged spare chairs.  Little ones secured spots on the carpet.  The lights dimmed and pint-sized actors rushed onto the stage.  The crowd hushed.

The tale of "Snow White" unfolded on the stage.  This version differed from the Disney classic I so fondly remember from my youth.  It infused humor and pop culture and eliminated scenes widely unpopular with the elementary set (i.e., smooching!).

I watched as Connor waltzed onto the stage.  He was cool as a cucumber, seemingly unfazed by the number of eyes pointed in his direction.  He belted out his lines with clarity, adding a requisite amount of levity and passion to his role.

I sat in awe of my son's performance.  Sure, he's acting  captured my attention, but what captivated me was his confidence.  At the age of eight, he held no inhibitions about speaking in front of a crowd.  He never once said, "What if I forget a line/trip/laugh/cry?"  He didn't fear failure or embarrassment.  He seemed at peace in his own skin and comfortable with his performance (in whatever form).

At age eight, I wasn't like Connor.  I never donned a costume and set foot on a stage.  I could say the acting bug never bit, but perhaps that's not all.  I lacked the confidence to stand exposed in front of a crowd without fearing the "what ifs"...the falls, the goofs, the mishaps.  Decades later, I'm not sure if anything's different.  I still hold fears that inhibit.

Gazing at Connor, I'm inspired to live my life without fear of the "what ifs."  I'll try to remember the "what ifs" can actually be rather pleasant.

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