Thursday, December 19, 2013

Keeping the Streak Alive

Photo compliments of my friend Elizabeth.  Celebrated Chris's birthday with a few friends at home.

Caleb looked dapper and ready for his middle school band concert.  Cooper asked if he was a waiter and ordered chili cheese fries from him!

Two beloved party guests to Chris's party:  Ali and Gwen.  Bummer the other party photos didn't come out very clear! 

 Followed up Chris's party with a pancake/gingerbread-making breakfast at the Williams' house.

This is what happens when you leave a dad to assist with the decorating!

And the parties continued with a little birthday get together for Caleb and Connor. 

 Caleb's group of friends!

Dad and Papa bestow birthday advice on our new eleven year old!

Siblings received an invite to the party too!

Connor's buddies!

Liam Brinkruff fully enjoyed the buffet!  He whipped together pasta, corn cobs, and goldfish crackers!

I woke up with a scratchy throat and tender head.  My physician husband listened to my woes and immediately diagnosed me with the "sniffles."  (He also called me a "drama one," but that's a story for another time.)  My ailments were enough to elicit whining, but not enough to require any actual medical care or prescription medication.  

I snuggled under the covers, trying my best to suppress an inner voice that questioned, "What about a run?"  Runs are as firmly entrenched in my mornings as my Eggo waffles.  Most days, I lace up my running shoes and pound the pavement before the sun even thinks about rising.  But starting on Thanksgiving, when I committed to the Runner's World Holiday Running Streak, I went from running most days to running every day until New Year's Day (at least a mile a day).

The first few weeks, I braved frigid conditions to trot along the course in the Drumstick Dash; I jogged across a snow-packed trail that left my legs feeling like Jell-O; Thanks to icy roads, I endured more treadmill runs that I care to remember.  And then 22 days later, I'm met with this: the sniffles.  I was at a crossroad:  Do I ditch weeks of hard-work and a successful streak for one morning in bed cuddled up with a Kleenex box?

The thing I know about running is that actions forerun emotions.  Translation:  Even if you don't feel like running, do it anyway.

Begrudgingly, I slipped out of bed and pulled on my running gear. I stepped onto the treadmill and jogged one mile at a pace my Grandmother could match.  At the end, I felt....good.

I was reminded of the second thing I know about running: emotions follow actions.  Translation:  I've never ended a run disappointed that I woke up.

Today, I'm grateful that I battled the sniffles to keep my streak alive.  


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