Sunday, December 8, 2013

Nothing Says Christmas Like Snakes

It was 6:30 on a Saturday night.  I had already crawled into my pajamas excited about an evening at home with the boys.  On our agenda: a quite night curled up in front of a holiday movie.  6:30 is when Caleb rushed into my room with a flushed face and dancing eyes.

"It's the Hoosier Herpetology Christmas Party tonight!"  he exclaimed.


I tried to process his words as he reminded me the party was tonight at 7 and he wanted (expected) to attend.

I so desperately wanted to say no.  I was already in my pajamas, for crying out loud.  We had plans.  Remember the couch, the movie, the popcorn?  But as I gazed at my exuberant son, I just knew movie night was over and we would soon be walking out the door.

Because my husband was at work (lucky guy), I packed up the four boys (alone) and headed to the party locale: a near by pizza place.  After we grabbed a few slices of pizza, we snagged seats at Indiana Jim's table.  Soon, the conversation flowed as we gabbed on about poisonous snakes and escaping reptiles.  (You know, the regular topics of discussion at a Christmas party!)

After dinner, Indiana Jim directed the White Elephant Gift Exchange.  I eyed the presents with fear and whispered over to Caleb, "I'm telling you now; I don't care what gift you get, but we will not be walking out of here with a live snake."  I gazed at one poorly wrapped present and could have sworn it wobbled as if its contents were desperate to flee.

Much to my relief, the gifts were all snake-related, but none involved actual reptiles.  Hallelujah!  The boys all walked out with reptile stuffed animals and books.  I (and they) were thrilled (and relieved!).

After the last gift was opened, we warmly thanked Indiana Jim for a wonderful night and then apologized again to the pizza staff for our massive cream soda spill (certainly warmed ourselves to the employees with that one!).  

In the car, Caleb rattled on about more reptiles.  He finally stopped and said, "Mom, you don't have to act interested; I know you do that just because its part of your job."


Truth, to use the words I'm teaching the boys, attending the party was not my first choice.  Learning about snakes is not my first choice.  Hanging around with a group of avid herpetologists is not my first choice.

I'm not interested in snakes, but I am interested in him.  It's a concept he won't fully understand until he has kids of his own.

Until then, I need to improve my acting skills and learn to love the things my son appreciates.  

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