Sunday, December 8, 2013

Snow Prayers

I know there are many circumstances/events in life that elicit prayer.  Snow days must fall somewhere among that list.  The first time a meteorologists hints that the powdery stuff may arrive, the prayers begin.

What I've discovered is that every member of my family shoots up fervent and frequent prayers, but differs in request.

The boys pray the snow engulfs our town.  They petition for treacherous streets and snow drifts so thick that their bright yellow school bus would find the roads impassable (but no so bad that our van couldn't make its way over to the local sledding hill).  They pray for hearty snow, the sort that packs well for snowballs and snowmen.  They pray mom's pantry is stocked with hot chocolate, marshmallows, and whipped cream.

As for me, I pray for wimpy snow.  The type that acts like a bubble; it falls but seems to dissipate upon land.  I request snow that won't trap my car, or force me to race to the grocery store desperate to snag that last loaf of bread, or (most of all) to cancel school.

I think because God can't answer all of our prayers, he invented a compromise and called it the two-hour delay.  He dusted the ground with just enough snow to make a morning bus commute dicey, but not enough that a snow plow can't tackle.  Just enough that the kids get a taste of a snow day, but not enough that moms get the brunt of a full day off.

And so, when my boys had a two-hour delay on Friday, prayers of gratitude were sent up by all. 


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