Sunday, January 26, 2014

Final Birthday of our Celebratory Season

Collin celebrated his fifth birthday at a local Mexican restaurant.  He loved when a crowd of waiters belted out a birthday serenade.  Of course, the fact they brought him a humongous dessert helped too!

We followed up the first dessert with a second one.

On Friday, I ate lunch with a friend at the Nancy Noel art studio.  A lot of her paintings have age and mortality themes (topics I can relate to this week!)

Three couple friends took me out for my birthday.

The men folk.

To think, we married in our 20s and now we've landed in the 40s!

As silly as the kids.

The Wood family's birthday season has come to a close.  We finally devoured the last birthday cake, opened the remaining presents, and feted the final family member.  It's been fun, but our waist lines/egos/schedules can't handle anymore.  And so we're back to living a life without the (seemingly) daily celebrations.  It's been fun, but it's time. 

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