Thursday, January 23, 2014

Ode To My Treadmill

As a birthday treat, Connor and Collin had a "slumber party" last night.  They even slept in the same twin bed.

Party animal!

My sweet little boy on his 5th birthday!

You certainly have your enemies.  Many can't say your name without adding a string of profanities.  Some even refer to you as the "dreadmill."  Others would rather forgo working out rather than step on your treads.

But for those of us living in what now resembles Siberia, we've warmed (literally) to you.

As one (now) intimately familiar with you, I certainly know your benefits and limitations.

You listen, but fail to provide witty banter, a quick comeback, or light chatter.

You offer a constant terrain, but never change the scenery.

You supply a dry surface without a lick of ice, but give off a "hamster on a wheel" sensation.

You sit in the warm confines of my basement free of frigid winds, freezing temps, and blowing snow, but fail to illuminate a run with a vibrant sunset, blue sky, or glowing moon.

You regulate my pace, but don't allow me to enjoy the spontaneity of a run at whatever clip I land.

You're patient during your months of inactivity while I stride on the warm pavement, but then you do nothing to make the reentry into our relationship easy.

You help me run during months when I have no other choice, and for that I call you a friend.   

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