Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Tween Moms Vs. Baby Moms

It's basketball season again.  As a spectator, it's my favorite sport.  Love to sit on chairs in a heated gym with a roof over our heads.  (So much better than the sidelines of a soggy, chilly soccer field!)

Cooper's league makes me smile.   They average about 50 basket attempts to one completed shot.

The boys cozy up with pal Ozzy.  Competitors on the court, friends in the neighborhood.

With the abundance of winter family birthdays, we celebrated as a pack.  Birthdays celebrated: everyone in my family (minus Cooper) plus Great Grandma.

Always the party animal!

Great Grandma and her husband Gus.

My cousin's wife sat amid the well-wrapped packages.  She glowed as she stroked her swollen belly.  A baby nestled underneath, weeks away from making an appearance.  A team of admiring friends and relatives positioned themselves around the room watching this mommy-to-be slice through wrapping paper and pull out newborn essentials.

I snagged a seat in the back and scanned the room.  The group was a mixture of gray-haired grandmas and young moms clutching babies.  My seat was near the kid-section.  A crowd of new moms sat on the floor surrounded with blankets, board books, rattles, and squirmy toddlers.  The moms divided their time between caring for their little ones and focusing on the mom-to-be.

I stared at those moms and thought how far removed I am from that time period.  I once was one of those moms clutching a fussy baby and/or wiggly toddler.  I sat amid friends and jabbered on about potty training techniques and breastfeeding.  But now my conversations have turned to texting rules and sports teams.  

I thought about the difference between a baby mom and a tween mom.

A baby mom lacks sleep.  Fussy babies cut into a full night's sleep.

A tween mom craves sleep.  Busy schedules and overnighters slice into sleep.

A baby mom worries about her babies diet.  She pumps a baby with the most nutritious foods possible.

A tween mom worries about a child's diet.  She warns about the dangers of sodas and sweets.

A baby mom worries that her child will hit all the right milestones.  Will the baby roll over, clap, and sit up on target?

A tween mom worries about a child's milestones.  Will the child hit math and reading benchmarks on target? 

A baby mom worries about dangers.  Will a child choke on peas, suffocate on a crib mattress, or fall down a flight of stairs?

A tween mom worries about dangers.  Will a child hang out with the wrong crowd, meet a dangerous character on the Internet, or be offered an illegal substance?

A baby mom loves her child.  She snuggles her baby and admires a pudgy belly, button nose, and pink cheeks.

A tween mom loves her child.  She gazing at a child who is becoming his or her own person.  She admires many aspects of the emerging personality and budding independence.  

I realized how much I truly had in common with the moms of babies.  Our challenges are different, but our struggles are the same.    

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