Thursday, January 9, 2014

What Happens When You Hit Snow Day #5!

Who knew a Christmas tree box could keep little boys so entertained?

I spy a picnic table buried under the snow!

The view from my kitchen window: winter wonderland or nightmare?

I gazed out my kitchen window and spied a flurry of white flakes.  They landed on our already snow-drenched landscape.  They didn't want to leave.  More snow = no school, again!  And for those counting (and I am), that makes FIVE snow days in a row.  Yes, FIVE!

The first snow day went great.  We baked chocolate chip cookies, assembled puzzles, and read books.  I channeled my inner Pioneer Woman and whipped up a dinner spread that would make Paula Deen gush.  I wore makeup and did my hair.

The second snow day went well.  We cleaned out the basement, played board games, and colored pictures.  I made spaghetti with pasta sauce from the jar.  I vaguely remember sliding on deodorant.

The third snow day went ok.  We played with the Christmas tree box, called neighbors (desperate to speak with other human beings), and prayed for strength and patience (ok, maybe that was just me).  I made a pork dish and didn't bother with sides.  I failed to remember the last time I showered.

The fourth snow day went....  We lounged on the couch and flipped on the TV.  We sustained tans from the extended exposure to the glow of the screen.  For dinner, I whipped up macaroni and cheese from the box.  I admitted to wearing the same pair of drawstring yoga pants for five days in a row.

And then I got the call; school is cancelled for tomorrow too.  I shook my fist at the phone.  I whined just a little.  I realized my temper tantrum would do no good.  I came to peace with the fact that my children may never return to school until spring.  I tossed my yoga pants in the wash to get them ready for tomorrow.   


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