Sunday, January 19, 2014

When Hugs Are Still Cool

Received this cool puzzle from a friend!  Proceeds go to One-Fund Boston.  

Ran 14 miles on the treadmill yesterday for #megsmiles.

Collin sat in the middle of an empty classroom.  Big tears streamed down his cheeks.  Two Sunday School teachers huddled around him.  One rubbed his back and whispered soothing words.

It was mommy guilt at its finest. 

I rushed into the room and spewed out apologizes and excuses for why I was the very last parent to pick up a child in the Sunday School class.  Collin raced into my arms and buried his head in my neck.  It was pitiful and precious at the same time.  And I....loved it.

I loved that feeling of being needed.  I loved the feeling that he wanted his mother.  I loved that he could show affection to a parent without any inhibitions.

As one with older children, I know this interchange is fleeting.  In a matter of years (months even), he'll gravitate towards friends.  He won't clutch his mother's neck in public and snuggle; I'll be lucky to snag a high five.  

And so today, I pulled him into a hug and held him until we landed in the parking lot.  And even then, it was hard to let go.  

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