Sunday, January 5, 2014

Winter's Fury

Winter's full fury whopped our state.  

The beauty of winter is diminished by the misery it inflicts!

After the first round of snowfall, Connor carved out a snow bed!


Snow creates endless play possibilities.  

On the very last day of Christmas break, we got walloped by a massive snow storm.  As predicted, the snow rained down at a steady, heavy pace throughout the day.  The boys spent most of the day frolicking among the flakes, creating snow everything (men, volcanoes, beds).

As a surprise to no one, we received an automated phone call announcing tomorrow's school closure.  I cursed mother nature.  Didn't she understand that we were at the END of our winter break (the finish line).  And now we have at least One. More. Day.  It's like hitting the 26 mile mark at a marathon.  That's the point where I feel like it should be over but know there's still that .2 left the finish line.  There's where we are.

With temperatures predicted to nosedive into the negative teens, tomorrow may just be snow day #1.  This might start feeling like an ultra marathon!

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