Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Finding Beauty in the Snow Storm

I saw this on Facebook the other day.  It made me laugh and nod my head in agreement.

I have a friend who moved to the Midwest from Texas.  She treats snow and frigid temps as a delightful novelty.  Every time our town is walloped with snow, I shoot her a text.

Me:  Doing ok in the snow?

Her:  Love it!

I predict that one day her response will change.  Someday she'll hit her breaking point.  She'll land at that moment where snow and cold transform from delightful to dreadful.  But as for now, she's smitten.  Her response to our intense winter is similar to my boys; their level of excitement and glee raises exponentially with the inches of snow blanketing the ground.

As I was out shoveling the driveway tonight...in the dark (before round #2 of snow falls overnight), I reflected on how differently I react to snow versus my friend and my children.  When did snow become such a nuisance, a bother, a pain?  When did I develop such an adult-like reaction to snow?

Perhaps it was the first time I was forced to shovel a driveway?  Or maybe when I started navigating a vehicle along slippery, slick street?  Or the times snow cancelled plans and ruined get togethers?  Or moments where I feared icy sidewalks would break bones and twist ankles?

As I piled snow drifts onto my shovel, I cursed the snow. I scowled and grimaced.  The roar of a snow blower snapped me out of my private pity party.  I watched a man push his snow blower over to another neighbor's driveway.  He took his time clearing that driveway completely.  

His little act brought tears to my eyes.  You see, that driveway belonged to a neighbor who just (unexpectedly) lost a teenage son.  I thought about the kindness and care he was extended to that family with his little gesture.

I'm not a fan of snow and cold, but moments like that made me once again see the beauty in the flakes.

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