Sunday, February 2, 2014

Finding the Right Notes

To make things really confusing, it was neon day AND the 100th day of school.  To commemorate both, Cooper took on the form of a bright centenarian.  

Collin and buddy Nathan get the sillies out before swim class.

Caleb's band quartet became the proud new owners of gold medals!

The boys were all about the Super Bowl today.  Even Lego play revolved around the big game.

I discovered running at the age of sixteen, accidentally.  Running wasn't on my radar.  I was a volleyball player, until I was cut from the high school team.  My high school "tragedy" turned into a blessing.  I adored running and performed well for the team.  Running became my passion then and still today.

Because running is such an integral part of my life, I imagined it would somehow be embedded in my children's DNA too.  (Perhaps they'd even emerge from the womb clad in a sweatband and running shoes!)  I dreamed about the day I'd cheer my sons along from the track sidelines.  I anticipated that my boys would be as smitten by running as their mother.

But my boys aren't me.  

It's a lesson I imagine many parents learn.  Our passions may not be their passions.  Our gifts are not their gifts.

This lesson was hit home yesterday.

We spent our morning at a band competition for Caleb.  I think it was apparent to all involved that I was a band competition newbie.  It was like walking into a brand new world filled with different vernaculars and customs.

In this musical world, Caleb thrived.  I watched him play a number with his quartet.  In his bow tie and cummerbund, he looked so grown up.  He stood confidently in front of the judges and spoke for the group.  I listened as he belted out the medley, hitting the notes just right.  He beamed when he walked away with a gold medal (three by the end of the day).

I thought about how many times I've watched him on a sports field...awkward, miserable, and defiant.  He wasn't meant for a sports field.  Perhaps he was meant for the concert hall.

More than likely, Caleb won't take a shining to running, and so I need to take a shining to his passions.  And I so I relish in the title of "band mom."


  1. Loved reading this! Yes, our kids can have such different interests than us which can make it challenging sometimes. It's so nice that Caleb found something he is passionate about and he's got a great mom who supports him with it. :-)

    1. Thanks Tia! I love reading your blog and hearing about all your running!