Thursday, February 13, 2014

How I Look At A Morning

Loved eating dinner with my dear friend Erin!  Treasure our 35 year friendship!!  Enjoyed a postponed (due to weather) birthday celebration!

Pancake batter dripped from a dangling spatula and cascaded into puddles on the tiles.  Mounds of baking powder and flour took up residence on my kitchen counter.  Amid the wreckage stood Caleb, clutching the spatula and gripping a can of cooking spray.

He eyed the clutter and moaned, "I think I'm not equipped for this."

This being cooking pancakes.

I snickered and thought, "I think I'm not equipped for this either."

This being the morning chaos.

Some mornings, the boys slowly transition from bed to breakfast table.  They inhale spoonfuls of cereal in a sluggish state with nary a word spoken.  I treasure those mornings when I can gently ease into the daylight.

Other mornings, like today, they pop out of bed as if sprung free from the confines of a jack-in-the-box.  Their energy is contagious and magnetic; they seem to instantly gravitate towards each other.  As a collective unit, this boisterous bunch can be a bit much for one bleary-eyed mom.

This morning, the energy, the noise, and the mess were a bit overwhelming.  At several points in the before school rush, I had to bite my tongue and pray fervently for patience and self control.  I was spent, at it wasn't even 8 a.m!

On the verge of losing it, I paused and noticed something.  In the midst of the commotion, good things were happening too.  Once I looked past the dishes, the dirty clothes, and the squirrely behavior and really focused on my boys, little actions made me smile.

I caught Connor assembling and packing a lunch for his little brother.  He smothered dollops of peanut butter on slices of bread and placed the completed sandwich in a plastic baggie.

I focused my eyes on Connor's kind actions and not the sticky peanut butter residue splattered on the counter.  

I eyed Collin pulling on his socks all by himself without being prompted by many mommy nags.

I concentrated on Collin's obedience and independence without stressing over the minutes we would be late for school.  

I studied Cooper as he devoured a book.  He mouthed the words and seemed to savor the illustrations.

I appreciated his love of books and ability to read while suppressing the urge to hurry him along.

I gazed at Caleb flipping pancakes onto a plate.

I zoned in on Caleb's helpfulness while averting my eyes from the state of my kitchen. 

Once I adjusted how I looked at the morning, a wave of tranquility fell upon the house. 

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