Thursday, February 27, 2014

Yucky Romance Parts

Connor and his friends Josh and Sam Wanner served as ball boys for a University of Indianapolis basketball game.  They were so excited! Thanks to Papa for hooking them up with the gig and Matt Wanner for the pictures.

The boys plopped down at the kitchen table.  They munched on after school snacks while I sifted through school folders.

"How was your day?"  I asked the group.

Between bites Collin offered,  "It was disgusting!"

My interest was piqued.  For a child that finds little experiences to be repulsive (and believe me, there have been plenty!), what could elicit such a strong reaction?  

I questioned, "Why was it disgusting?"

"Kids were talking about getting married. B* and S* said they will marry.  It was SO disgusting!" he moaned.

I could barely contain my giggles before asserting, "Yeah, that does sound disgusting!"

Cooper piped up, "If I ever make a movie, I'm going to leave out all the romance and marrying parts.  Nobody likes those parts anyway."

That did it.  I had to laugh.

I asked, "What about girls?  Do you think they like the romance parts?"

"Only moms," Cooper said.

I tried to commit those comments to my memory, to take a mental snapshot of the moment.  I wondered how many years will pass before they no longer find girls gruesome.   I'm betting one day we will sit around the same kitchen table and have a very different conversation about girls, romance, and maybe even marriage.

*Names kept anonymous to protect the innocent!

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