Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Insanity of Marathon Running

The carnage from my Boston Marathon training.

I'm 11 weeks into training for the Boston Marathon.  This week is the dreaded pinnacle week of the plan; the week where I seem to run farther than I drive.  Each morning, I slip on my (tired) running shoes and glance at the plan's suggested run/torture du jour.  As I read over instructions on intervals, pacing, and distance, I often question the complete sanity of it all.

I think, there are people out there with completely happy lives who have never run a marathon.  

There are people who are sleeping right now and will wake up rested.

There are people who don't know a lick about sports drinks, negative splits, and PRs, and are still content.

There are people who don't wake up with aches and pains due to the pounding of the pavement over and over again.

There are people who have never stepped onto a treadmill (let alone spent hours on one).

There are people who have perfectly smooth skin without the scars and raw wounds from chafing and rubbing.

There are people with pretty feet and perfectly polished toenails (not one single nail is black or missing!).

As these thoughts run through my head, I wonder why I am not one of those people.

It's because...

Those people don't understand the feeling one gets from running miles on end: the high, the freedom, the clarity of thought, the sense of accomplishment.  These are things that can't be understood without slipping on a pair of running shoes and racing further than you thought possible.  These are thoughts that continue to spur me forward just one more mile or 26.2.  

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