Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Way to My Heart: A Clean Room

Cooper created this countdown to spring break.  He said, "I just can't get spring break out of my head!" Me neither.

Connor screamed, "Don't come in my room!"

Warning bells blared.  

I immediately worried about the goings-on in his bedroom.

Was he:

1)  covering up a large spill/break/dent/ding;

2)  trying to channel his inner Jackson Pollock by creating a splatter-masterpiece on the wall:

3)  putting the final touches on an explosive device; or

4)  harboring a stowaway animal (Please God, don't let it be a snake!).

I tried to suppress those thoughts; I had to force myself to remain in my room.

Within minutes, Connor appeared with a flushed face and a large grin.  "Come see my room," he beamed.

I expected to see a room in shambles, instead I walked into a spotless, orderly space.  I had to sit down. I almost needed to breathe into a paper bag and put my head between my legs.  I've never seen his room look so, so....clean.

You could tell he was so proud.  He escorted me around the room as a tour guide would a museum.  He pointed out special details.

"Notice the Lego boxes are lined up in a row."

"Did you see that the books are all in the box?" 

"I put all the toothbrushes back in the cup!" 

I oohed and aahed at every last thing.  I certainly wasn't feigning adoration; I was impressed.  Really, impressed.  This cleanliness came from the same boy that seems unaffected by filth and clutter.  The one who routinely needs to be begged/bribed/encouraged to take care of his space.  The same one who has a strong possibility of ending up on a "Hoarders" episode one day.

I pondered how this son could experience such a radical change in personality/lifestyle.  (Did God finally answer my prayers?)  As I watched Connor glow, I realized my son cleaned and organized his room for me.  He wanted to make me happy.  He wanted me to be proud of him.  He knew that clean,organized spaces make me giddy. He wanted to do that for me.

I was so touched by his actions, but a bit worried at the same time.  I want Connor to know that he doesn't have to keep a spotless room to be loved and appreciated.  I love Connor for who he is, regardless of the state of his room.  And so I praised his hard work and reminded him that clean or not clean, he is loved.  

(But let's try for clean!)


Funny from last couple of days:

Caleb:  We're playing "Sugar Games" in our Bible Study class.    It's like the "Hunger Games" but without the killing.

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