Thursday, April 17, 2014

Disaster Strikes Again

 I was so touched by this goodie bag from my running friends!  They packed it with runner's necessities and added some money to buy a souvenir.  So thoughtful!  Thanks to my sister in law Heather for sending me goodies too (sorry no photo!)!

Cooper's latest...  I left this note for my husband.

When the boys were younger, I always had a story to swap with friends on the playground or at the grocery store.  The stories were always the same.  They started with a son (or four) getting into something (shaving cream, flour, nail polish, syrup).  They ended with a complete and utter disaster and lots of tears (by me!).  Mark Twain said, "Humor is tragedy plus time."  And so, as we've become more removed from those moments, I've learned to laugh. 

Until today....

Today Cooper proved that he is never too old to be the mastermind behind disaster and chaos.

Cooper thinks he is the next Picasso.  He's created all sorts of masterpieces using unique mediums and methods.  Today his artistic vision required melted crayons.  Need I say more?

I heard popping sounds and Cooper screaming, "It exploded!"

It was one of those moments where I had to take a few breaths before I surveyed the scene.  Once I mentally prepared myself for the disaster, I gazed at what was my microwave.  It now resembled a three-dimensional Jackson Pollock painting.

Cooper bore a sheepish look and sputtered out some apologizes.

I mentally counted to ten and then removed myself from the room so as not to inflict bodily harm upon him.

When I returned, the mess was still there.  Cooper was packing up for school and tossed out a few more, "Sorry mommy." 

I was left with the disaster.  It took an hour of scrubbing with various solutions before I landed on my savior: Goo Gone.  I'm sure the chemicals in the solution will do wonders for the next warmed entree.

And as for Cooper, I'm going to encourage him to stick with watercolor.

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