Friday, April 4, 2014

Runner's Stream of Consciousness

How I miss this weather and scenery!  Chilly temps and pouring rain greeted us at home.  Boo Hiss!

My friend shared a blog post in which the writer outlined his stream of consciousness during a run.  I chuckled at his words and furiously nodded my head in agreement.  This I know: A runner's mind is as active as his or her feet.

It got me thinking about today's run.  In preparation for the hilly Boston Marathon, I journeyed down to Bloomington (home of my alma mater) where the terrain promised plenty of inclines.  Halfway into the run, my watch died as did my cell phone.  Without the beat of a song drumming in my ear, my inner thoughts became more audible.

As inspired by the words of the post's author, here's a snippet of my internal musing during the run: 

1.  I'm freezing.  Why is Indiana so cold in April?

2.  I wish I wore gloves, a hat, a ski mask, and a parka.

3.  Perhaps it's not that cold!

5.  Maybe I overdressed.

6.  Am I running as fast as I did in college?

7.  Do I look like a college kid anymore or like someone's mother?

8.  Could I be mistaken for someone's grandmother?

9.  Do the wisps of hair around my face look platinum or white?  

10.  Even if I'm old, I could probably outrun most college students.

11.  Well, maybe I could outrun the Freshmen who have already put on the obligatory 15 pounds.

12.  I bet I'd race past those students recovering from happy hour.

13.  How did that guy get so fast?

14.  Perhaps he's in training for the Olympics and only three people on Earth could maintain that pace.

15.  Maybe he's running from the scene of a crime.

16.  Should I wave at him?  Smile?  Make eye contact?

17.  Boy, he was rude.

18.  I should have had more fun in college.

19.  Why wasn't I playing tug-o-war in Dunn Meadow on a Friday afternoon?

20.  Will any of those students frolicking in the meadow end up in med school?  Are all the future doctors holed up in a library right now?  Surely they know "tug-of-war" is not an acceptable activity for a grad school application.

21.  I can't believe she (with the white hair...not platinum) just whizzed past me.

22.  That woman is rocking her run too.  Is she pregnant?

23.  This hill is quite possibly the worst thing that's ever happened to me.

24.  This hill wants to kill me.

25.  If given the choice between this hill and a bad case of bed bugs, I'd choose door #2.

26.  This hill or lice?  Lice please.

27.  That hill wasn't so bad.  I think it was more of an incline.

28.  I'm totally going to rock the Boston Marathon.

29.  I'll do the best I can.

30.  It's going to be horrible.  Perhaps I could just say I ran it and hang out by the food tents instead.

31.  I wonder how many calories I'm burning.

32.  Should I celebrate my run with a trip to Jiffy Treat?  Do they still make those cookie dough flurries?

33.  Some nachos sound really good right about now.

34.  Do I look fat in these running pants?

35.  Do sit ups really do anything after four babies stretched the elasticity out of tummy muscles?

36.  Does God talk to me on a run?

37.  Should I try to erase all thoughts from my mind and just listen for His voice?

38.  I'm releasing all thoughts from my mind.

39.  Go thoughts, go!

40.  It's not working.

41.  He might have to talk louder.

42.  Boy that guy is creepy.  Did I see him on Dateline once?

43.  What if he has a gun/knife/taser?

44.  Just act natural.  Smile.  Make minimal eye contact.

45.  This run is almost over.


47.  This run has dragged on forever.

47.  Thank you God that this run is almost over.

48.  I can't believe that run is over.

49.  It went so fast.

50.  When can I do it again?

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