Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Battle Over Showers

The whole family got together over the weekend for a photo.  I took this opportunity to snuggle with my new nephew Parker.

The cousins with Memaw and Papa.

Adored my time (even if brief) with my sister-in-law Heather.

Heather had these shirts made for the three generations of Rex: my Dad, my brother, and his son.  (Two previous generations too!)  Love, love the shirts!  

My niece Caroline and I in our matching dresses.

"It was raining during lacrosse practice, so I pretty much had a shower," asserted Connor.

Just when I thought I'd heard every excuse! 

I'm still not sure why it's a surprise.  Every evening around bedtime, when I bring up the necessity of bathing, four little boys act bamboozled by it all.

They whine.

They dawdle.

They hide.

They bring one (typically cheery) mother to the point where angry eyes and stern warnings become a normal part of the bathing routine.

I whine, "What is the problem with taking a shower?"

I reason, "You'll feel better, I promise."

I discharge the truth, "You stink!"

I chirp, "It will be fun!"

I warn, "If you want to see (insert age), GET IN THE SHOWER!"

After some thought, I realize the boys disinterest in bathing expands to all areas of personal hygiene.  They are not the least bit excited about deodorant, hair care, dental maintenance, and (matching, properly fit) clothing attire.  All of those things become a challenge between mother and sons.

I'm the one dragging them to the hair salon.  I do teeth, underwear, and deodorant checks in the morning.  I'm the voice of reason when they pull a crumbled, sweaty shirt out of the laundry hamper and deem it "good enough" to wear to school for a second day.

Somedays I wonder if there's hope for the boys.  Will we have these battles into their adulthoods?  I imagine once hormones kick in and girls become interesting, toothbrushes will be used and showers will be had.

At least I hope. 

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