Monday, May 19, 2014

Can A Mom Get Bonus Points In Heaven?

Collin and I are enjoying a few "dates" before summer begins.  Last week we hit the zoo and got cozy with a few friendly fowls.

Cooper and his reading buddy and neighbor Stephen at the Young Authors first grade production.

Cooper reads his original work, "Horrifying Monsters."  He warned me in advance, "Mom, there may be words you don't understand!"

Collin and his Blue Lions team celebrate their final soccer game.

Celebrated my niece and nephew's birthdays at their petting zoo party.  Caleb's summation of the party, "I know it was a party for three and five year olds, but I think everyone had fun."  Indeed.

Having a physician husband means I spend many weekends manning the boys alone.  While I've become quite good at dragging four boys to a soccer field or basketball court without the assistance of another pair of hands, I'm still mastering ferrying them to church on my own.

Sunday morning was another of those mornings.  At 7 a.m. I was up and oozing with high hopes.  This was the morning; I could feel it in my bones.  The day when I'd arrive at 9 a.m. church with four boys perfectly coiffed/nicely dressed/ fresh smelling/grinning/fed/and ON TIME.  And, oh yeah, ditto for me too!

Evidently the boys didn't get that memo.  The 1 1/2 hour church prep time, didn't play out smoothly.  Roadblocks popped up along the way.  I fussed with a seven year old over the merits of wearing pants in 39 degrees.  I remained strong with a five year old whined about the breakfast choice.

At 8:40, we were piled into the car and cruising towards the church parking lot.  I took a glance in my rearview mirror, surveyed the boys in the backseat.  A few wore mismatched attire.  About 75% brushed their teeth.

I started to think about whether there's extra credit points in heaven.  Does a mom receive credit for ferrying her children to church, but then can bonus point be earned for the condition her children arrive at church?  Does the bonus point system work like this:

10 pts. teeth brushed
10 pts. clean clothes
10 pts. clothes worn that were NOT found crumbled on the floor
10 pts. hair styled
100 pts. for shoes

(And remember, this is times four!)

For mornings such as this, if there is a bonus point system in heaven, I imagine the points would be earned differently.

10 pts. for the mom who shows love to a sleepy, grumpy child.

1O pts. for the mom who expresses joy to her children even when the milk is spilled and cereal litters the floor.

10 pts for the mom who demonstrates peace to the siblings squabbling over the last muffin.  

10 pts. for the mom who shows patience when the toddler insists on brushing his own teeth.

10 pts. for the mom who oozes kindness to a child who isn't showing the same.   

10 pts. for the mom who shows goodness to children buckled into the car who insist on running back into the house umpteen times to retrieve coats, shoes, Bibles, and pens.

10 pts. for the mom who exhibits faithfulness to church attendance, despite the numerous roadblocks.  

10 pts. for the mom who responds with gentleness to sassy or snarky remarks.  

10 pts. for the mom who shows self control to the tween who insists his mother is the reason they are all late for church.


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