Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

 Friday night was spent at the school's mother-son party.  It was a lively crew.  I'm sure this event had a much different feel than the school's father-daughter dance!

Mother's day was celebrated at church, then touring around downtown by foot and then paddleboat.

The day ended with a Mother's Day dinner with the mothers in my family: my Grandmother, Mother, and sister.

This morning I joined a few friends for a Mother's Day run.  We met at an hour many would consider insane, under a blanket of darkness.  The minute we stepped onto the trail, lightning crashed and thunder boomed.  My running friend Gwen jumped and uttered a few words unbecoming to a mother on her special day.  She raced to her car as if the lightning took chase.  The rest of us followed albeit slower and giggling still at her string of words (worthy of a sailor).  We agreed being struck by lightning on Mother's Day would certainly be a bummer and damper any holiday plans.

Once the clouds broke, we ventured out again.  The trail was soggy, and teams of frogs took residence among the path.  Despite the wet conditions and creepy creatures, laughter and love followed our steps.  As I fell into stride with my mommy friends, I thought how blessed I am to have friends who can commiserate and celebrate the joys and challenges of motherhood.  It was a truly precious way to start the day.

When I returned home, our red "Your Are Special" plate sat on the kitchen table.  It was filled with cut banana slices and two waffles topped with syrup and whipped cream.  Nearby to the plate stood Caleb, giddy and grinning.  He was the breakfast cook, he confessed.  My husband confirmed his story and gushed about how Caleb looked up a recipe, prepared the waffles, and placed them beautifully on the plate.

To say I was touched seems a bit trite.  Caleb, my beautiful boy who expresses little emotion and rarely displays acts of affection, prepared a Mother's Day breakfast for his mother.  I think my reaction was akin to Oprah's audience members when they all won cars.  I was elated, but speechless too.  It was one of those moments where you know the best gifts are truly the ones that aren't purchased.

I plopped down at the kitchen table and dug into the waffles.  They were delicious, heaven on a fork.  But then again, I'm not sure what made the dish sweeter: the cooking or the kind actions of my son.     

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  1. I'm reading Caleb's kind gesture to you with a tears in my eyes! I'm sure that was the best Mother's Day gift ever to be received! You will always remember this! I bet those were the best waffles ever! xoxo