Friday, May 9, 2014

Pint Size Flasher

Per our tradition, we snapped a picture on our actual anniversary.  As we spent our anniversary at a track meet and soccer practice, it's not a glamorous photo.

Connor's started lacrosse.  I honestly have no idea what's going on during the games. 

Yesterday Cooper's first grade class went on a field trip to a nature preserve.  I wasn't a chaperone, and so I had to settle for Cooper's play-by-play when he returned from school.  Cooper gushed about his day and rattled off interesting tidbits.  He proudly modeled his wooden, handmade necklace.  I oohed and aahed.  And then our night was swallowed up by sports practices and homework problems and the field trip was forgotten.

After I tucked the last boy into bed, I checked my email.  Cooper's teacher sent me a message detailing an incident on the field trip bus.  Evidently, another first grader considered the school bus to be the appropriate place to pull down his pants, right in front of Cooper.  In a very professional tone, his teacher assured me the appropriate steps were taken by the school.

As I read her note, I recalled Cooper's vivid description of his day.  Nowhere in his complete commentary did he mention the bus episode.  I can attribute his lack of reaction to the fact he is one of four boys.  In a houseful of males, the exposure of private parts may not register as shocking.  It certainly didn't for Cooper. 

Was this pint-size flasher savvy and calculating enough to wisely select his victim?  Did he think he found the one child that may not raise an eyebrow, let alone notify the teacher?  He was wrong about Cooper.  Immediately, Cooper alerted his teacher and said student was busted.  Yet, Cooper found the whole ordeal to be commonplace and not important enough to be included in the day's observations.

Although said boy may have picked the wrong student, he selected the right family.  The "victim's" mother was also used to such shenanigans (to give the little boy the benefit of the doubt) and didn't raise an eyebrow upon reading the day's incident.  This mother's mild reaction is attributed to the fact she is a mother of four boys.

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