Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Summer Challenges

The last day of preschool was celebrated at Orange Leaf with preschool buddies!  The sillies ran rampant.

Connor's third grade class enjoyed a lunch at a classmate's house.

Many Hoosiers spent Sunday at the Indianapolis 500.  We took the quieter option and toured around the 100 Acre Woods at the Indianapolis Art Museum.  

I loved spending Memorial Day weekend with my college buddy Rachel.  Seems like just yesterday we were ordering breadsticks in the dorm!

My kids adored having a sleepover with Rachel's boys.  Future college roommates?

Every new season has its challenges.  Winter brings wet boots, missing gloves, and hot chocolate overload.  Fall ushers in leaves here, there, and everywhere.  Spring carries with it the daily confusion over wardrobe selection due to extreme fluctuations in temperatures.  Summer has its own set of struggles, many of which I had forgotten about during our endless winter.  

This weekend, as water guns were pulled out of hibernation and swimsuits were dragged out of the recesses of dresser drawers, the array of challenges flooded back.

Water guns

If trapped on a desert island, this may be the one item my boys request to have with them.  They adore racing around the backyard, ducking behind trees, and blasting an unsuspecting sibling.


More than likely, the unsuspecting sibling doesn't delight in the soaking.  Or, a suspecting sibling (one carrying his own water gun) is none so pleased at being a target.  They race into my arms in full hysterics.

Son:  He (sob) soaked (whimper) me (wail)!

Me:  But you're out in the backyard, clad in your swimsuit, holding a water gun.  Right?

Son:  He got me wet.

Me:  (Scratching my head.)  That will happen when you are in the backyard, clad in your swimsuit, holding a water gun.

Son shoots me a look of surprise as if he never contemplated that possibility.

Water balloons

I experienced one of the best days in my life this weekend. Caleb figured out how to tie HIS OWN water balloons.  Oh happy day!  Caleb called his new found skill "a blessing and a curse."  Now his little brothers race up to Caleb and beg him to tie their balloons bulging with water while I sit peacefully in a lounge chair relaxing.  Gone are the days when I'm huddled around a water spigot, soaked from head to toe thanks to an endless amounts of punctured balloons! Thank you Caleb!

Slip 'n Slides

I knew I was walking on dangerous ground when I placed this season's slip 'n slide into my grocery cart.  Slip 'n slides are my husband's nemesis, but because he loves his sons so much he's learned to peacefully coexist with these kiddie favorites.  True, after the use of the slip 'n slide, our yard looks like it was scalped in places.  And yes, we have never found a suitable place to store a wet plastic slide the size of a school bus (and so it lounges just about everywhere).  But the endless amount of play makes it all worth it (in my eyes at least).

But I'd rather referee a fight over water guns, rather than snow balls any day.  


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