Monday, June 30, 2014

Summer Frienemies: Screens

I've identified my summer frienemy:  the screen (both big and small).  At times, it's quite possibly my best friend.  It provides the boys with distractions when one mom hits her limit or just needs a moment to put away a dish or twelve (in complete and utter silence!).  It offers entertainment when a pack of boys need a respite from the heat.  It fills an evening, makes us laugh, connects us to others, provides information, and gets us to think (and blog!).


It saps the boys from those summer moments that just can't be replicated with the touch of a keyboard or the click of a mouse.  

A screen doesn't provide the thrill of a frog hunt.  A digital photo of a frog can't compare to the feel of a slimy amphibian cuddled in the sweaty palm of a hand.  

A screen doesn't offer the true sensation of camp.  It can teach how to bow an arrow, but it doesn't provide the thrill of nailing a target.  It can educate on wood working, but doesn't furnish a three-dimensional piece of pride.  It can describe camp fare, but doesn't provide a true feast for the tastebuds. 

A screen doesn't improve sports skills.  It may instruct on the fundamentals of the game, but it does not toss a ball, swing a bat, kick a goal, or catapult a golf ball.  

A screen doesn't provide companionship during a sleepover. It may entertain, but it won't listen to secrets, giggle at jokes, and make invaluable memories.

A screen won't cannonball, hike, stargaze, swim, play, and lounge.

And that's why screens are my frienemies; there are limits to our relationship.   

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