Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Tween Room Remodel

 Before pictures:  The room is a hot mess!

After shots:  Stunning!  My sister-in-law captured Caleb's personality perfectly in the decor.  Plus, it looks clean and organized!  So happy!

My favorite decorator and her assistants!

I marvel at those gifted in the area of home beautification.  I drool over finely dressed rooms splashed on the pages of magazines or featured on HGTV.  But after many years on this Earth, I've identified and accepted home decorating as my area of weakness.

My sister-in-law Heather, however, is a decorator extraordinaire.  She's innately creative and enjoys unleashing her talent upon and within the walls of a room.

Recently, I bemoaned my decorating woes to Heather.  I mentioned that my tween still slept under bedding we purchased for him when he was two years old.  Heather gasped and instantly rattled off ideas to create a more tween-like room.  An idea was hatched for Heather to decorate Caleb's room.  My only stipulations: be budget-friendly and capture the essence of Caleb (he loves lizards!).

Heather knocked it out of the ball park.  The room is fun, yet mature.  It's organized, yet not too formal.  It's lizard-themed, yet not tacky.

Caleb adores his new surroundings.  He's demonstrated ownership and pride for his space.  Better yet, he has shown appreciation that his parents see him as an adolescent who deserves a room that reflects his growth.

Thanks to Heather for sharing her talents with us!  Her gifts blessed us all mightily!  

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  1. LOVE IT! C's room looks fantastic! I need Heather to come to my house!!!!