Tuesday, July 15, 2014

All By Myself

I loved participating in the Indianapolis "Listen to Your Mother" show!  Video of the show just downloaded on You Tube.  

Sunday morning was chaotic.  With Chris at work, I was manning the boys alone and encouraging them (ever so gently) to scarf down breakfast and throw on some church-ready clothes.  All the while, I tried to tend to my own personal hygiene by squeezing in a shower and slapping on some (much needed) makeup.

I emerged from my bedroom about five minutes late for our church departure.  Caleb looked at his watch and deadpanned, "Having a leisurely morning, huh?"

I had to laugh as my morning was anything but leisurely.

Lately, I've felt the hustle and bustle of life weighing down on me.  I miss leisure.  I miss productivity.  I miss sleep.

And that's when my parents offered quite possibly the most wonderful gift a mother can ever receive: time alone.  With three boys at camp, my parents invited Collin (too young for camp) to attend his own "Grandmother Camp."  And in case you didn't do the math, that would mean ALL four boys would be away.  ALL FOUR!  In the 11 1/2 years I've been a parent, this has never happened!!

On Sunday evening, all the boys left for their camps and I returned to an empty house.  Remember Kevin from "Home Alone"?  When he first discovered he was left alone in his house, he did everything his parents frowned upon: ate junk food, watched TV loudly, danced around.  I was Kevin at first.  I ate popcorn for dinner, just because.  I cranked up the TV to an insane decibel with a show my children wouldn't view.  I stayed up later than reasonable without fear of an early wakeup call.

But as I reclined on the couch, I realized my alone time was short.  Perhaps I should tackle a few of the projects that have been on hold for a decade.  And so I busied myself with just about everything.  I found the check that's been missing for months.  I finally tossed out my 2005 calendar.  I matched and lined up Tupperware containers.  And the sad thing is all of these tasks provided me with the same satisfaction and sick thrill as winning the lottery.  

In "Home Alone," Kevin finally tires of being alone and filling his days with his own whims.  I wondered if I would reach that point.  But after a decade of "togetherness," my few days of aloneness never lost their charm.   

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