Friday, July 25, 2014

Reason One Billion Why I Love My Boys

 Yes, one son can be encouraged to place groceries on the conveyer belt in return for a penny pony ride!

It's not often I share my heels, but I will for family friend Mia when she visited for a few days (with her brother Liam).  

The swing seemed to entertain these two for hours.

And then the basement was transformed into a fort constructed from cushions, pillows, and blankets.

Fort building made little boys hungry, and so we refueled with ice cream at the park.  

They burned through the calories with outdoor play (with only one child vomiting from the ice cream/exercise combo!).  

Life can breeze by for weeks on end without one single ripple.  And then....




A week comes I didn't anticipate with the challenge I wished on someone else (the less than savory sort). 

That was my last week.

When I initially was dealt the sucker punch, I cried intermittent tears.  As one that doesn't make it a habit to succumb to the water works, a few sons took notice.  One seemed a little disconcerted.  He shifted his gaze elsewhere, avoiding the sorry sight of his weepy mother.  But another son, Cooper, couldn't look away.

As I hunched over in my chair, wallowing in pity, Cooper crept up next to me and crawled into my lap.  He placed a kiss on my cheek and then whispered, "Mom, God loves you and He's with you."

He looked baffled when I cried harder.

I pulled him into a hug.  Of all the words to say, he picked the perfect ones, from the perfect source.

As I parent, I'm here to comfort, love, and encourage my children, but the most amazing thing is when they do the same for me.  There are billions of reasons why I love my sons.  I cherish innumerable stories of their goodness.  They hold countless sweet attributes.  But, that moment was one I've committed to memory and will treasure for years to come.   

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