Monday, September 22, 2014

Kenya: Experiencing a Different World

On Sunday I was sitting on the sidelines of a soccer field cheering on Connor.  My other boys descended on an empty field and engaged in hijinks with other soccer siblings.

At one point, Cooper rushed to my side.

"Can I have a quarter," he pleaded, "for the snack bar."

 I fiddled with my wallet.

He hesitated and then ask, "Wait, how much can I have?"

The Grandpa next to me, privy to this exchange, fell into hysterics. 

I giggled too.

But it keenly reminded me of how my children lack for nothing (although in their minds, they are lacking the latest in ___ technology).  

Are my kids hungry?

Here's a quarter (or more) run over to the concession stand.  

Our world is such a stark contrast to the world Chris experienced for the last two weeks.  He journeyed to Kenya with our church's mission team and working alongside his American and Kenyan brothers and sisters in the slums of Nairobi.

I have never been on a mission trip.  I have never ventured into a developing country.  But I've heard Chris's stories.  I've looked at his photos. 

He talks about a part of the world that is lacking and even listening to his descriptions makes me reevaluate our world.  

My kids have had a similar reaction.  They gaze at the pictures of a mass of children crammed into a dirt-floored classroom and (dare I say) appreciate their school.

I've heard reactions, appreciations, and changes can happen immediately after a trip like Chris's and it's hard to be thrust back into this world.  I'm hoping our family isn't fickle and that over time those images and changes don't wane.

We may need reminders.  

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