Monday, October 6, 2014

Boo Season

The third son is the first to get braces!  

As such, I've been thrust into the role of "Keeper of the Braces."  I'm now his diet watchdog and oral hygiene enforcer.  Cooper's a smart one; he's quickly learned how to use the braces to his advantage.  "It hurts to eat broccoli, asparagus, and Brussel sprouts," he'll whine.  But somehow, the braces don't impact his intake of sugary items.

I had a blast running the Mallow Run Wine to the Line five miler with friends, but I think my friend Kara misunderstood my "let's just run for fun" idea.  At about mile four, I was sorely regretted the Mexican lunch I ate just hours before.

The best picture I snapped of my mother at her birthday celebration.  She doesn't look a day over 40!

When the calendar turns to October, the boys get excited.  Fall is in the air and Halloween is a mere days away.  More importantly, it's booing season in the neighborhood.  

Booing occurs after nightfall.  A knock is heard, and then little boys can't run fast enough to swing open the door.  The visitor is gone, but has left a trace of his or her appearance: a bag of candy and a boo notice on the porch.

Being the recipient of a boo is a bit like winning the lottery to the boys.  They can't believe their luck: free candy magically appearing on their doorstep...and it's not even Halloween!  They pinch themselves with glee!

Then comes the speculation.  The boys inspect the candy and the condition of the boo notice and offer up theories on which neighbor they'd peg for Kit Kats vs. M & Ms.  And discuss how so-and-so neighbor would likely skimp on the amount of candy vs. so-and-so neighbor who would more likely gravitate towards the "more is more" theory.

But the best part is that they boo back.

Last night, under the cover of darkness, the boys and I snuck into the van.  Caleb addressed his brothers as if they were his troops.

"Listen up," he uttered.  "This is a stealth mission.  We need everyone to work together.  We leave no man behind!"

His brothers nodded their heads in agreement.

We agreed on the target house and crept closer to our destination.  Caleb instructed me to park a few houses away and turn off my lights.

Then Caleb rehashed the plans with the precision of one directing a covert operation.  He assessed their readiness of the group and then issued the go order.  

The boys flew out the side and rushed towards the house.  The designated dropper, Cooper, descended on the porch and punched the doorbell.  (I suppose he's the one who would most likely to survive an enemy capture!)  Then I watched as all four raced back to the car, huffing and giggling at the same time.  

I manned the get away car and took care to uphold my part of the operation: leave the scene without being detected.

By the end of the night, we descended on three households. The boys felt confident they were undiscovered by their targets.  

We laughed about the experience while eating a Kit Kat.

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