Sunday, November 23, 2014

A Mouse in the House

Every once in a great while, we fancy up for the night!

A few nights ago, we discovered a mouse in our kitchen.  I describe that moment as "terrifying."  My boys would refer to it "thrilling."  In a nanosecond, my serene kitchen transformed into a wild kingdom.

I let out a scream rivaling those unleashed in a horror film and leaped on top of the kitchen table.  The boys raced downstairs, soaked in the scene, and let chase.  In their little world, a mouse in the house was about as exciting as if Barack Obama landed in our living room.  I could only imagine the terror that flashed through that mouse's little mind as four boys dashed after him.  I bet he was seriously rethinking choosing our home over the single lady's house down the street.

Ultimately, the mouse emerged the victor.  Much to my dismay, he escaped into some crevice of our house.  We were left with the unsettling notion that he still lurks within and could reemerge at any time.

The day after the mouse appeared, I picked the boys up from school.  I asked about their day.

"I put a prayer request into school," Cooper said.  "I told everyone to pray we get rid of the mice and bugs in our house."

At that moment, I could only imagine the thoughts running through the teacher's mind.  I once had a teacher tell me, "I'll believe half of what your child says about you, if you believe half of what they say about me."  I hope this teacher holds the same belief.  

I want to clarify something with Cooper's teacher.  We don't have mice in our house, just a mouse.

Or so we hope.

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