Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Displaying Love in the Little Things

 I attended my first tea party in honor of sweet little Mia's 4th birthday!

Connor served as a ball boy for an IU soccer game.  He was so excited to be part of the action along side of the field.

Connor's cheering section!  Snack bar goodies encouraged brothers to sit in the cold!

A friend recently celebrated a milestone wedding anniversary.  Her husband gifted her a pretty spectacular ring to commemorate the occasion.  

The next day, she proudly displayed her new bling.  I held her palm and she outstretched her fingers.  I gushed over the sparkly diamond and polished silver band.

"What a great husband," I exclaimed!

I thought about how that gift was such a wonderful display of her husband's affection.

Later, I mused over the ways husbands show affection.  Sometimes it's not exhibited in such grand gestures, but it's seen in the little things.

Today, I  reflected on that fact while watching my own husband rake leaves in the backyard.  Throughout the morning, the temperature nosedived and rain started to fall.  Despite the damp, frigid conditions, he continued to swoop up and bag an endless supply of leaves.  One could think he was braving the conditions to better our yard, but I know he was enduring the weather because he made a promise to me; he assured me he would rake leaves.  

I thought about my friend's husband too.

A friend's family recently endured a bad case of lice.  Even my friend fell victim to the critters.  For several nights, her husband combed through and treated her hair for hours on end.

We laughed about the ordeal later.  

I said to her, "I guess that's the 'worse' in the 'better or for worse' part of the marriage vowels."

I think it's those little things, raking leaves in the rain and combing lice from strands of hair, where a husband's love is shown the greatest.  

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