Thursday, December 4, 2014

A Mouse Still in the House

The boys engaged in our Thanksgiving tradition of making turkey cookies.  They placed one M&M on each cookie per three M&Ms that landed in their mouths!

The brainchild of kind Uncles and mischievous kids!

A holiday tradition:  We show up in matching outfits without any prior coordination.  It makes me feel like I'm still young and hip if I can look even a tad similar to my younger, fashionista sister-in-law.

The kid table.  

The food was left largely untouched, and the conversations bordered on the hysterical.

If a picture was worth a thousand words.....

It was one of the those moments where it just seemed like the thing to do. 

Over Thanksgiving dinner, the conversation landed on a ladybug issue we have in our house.  These pesky (yet cute) critters have set up residence in the top corner of our two-story entry way, making it difficult to remove.  Someone had the idea of getting out the leaf blower and trying to "blow" the bugs away.  As a surprise to no one, the bugs didn't budge with the breeze.  We, however, found the whole thing pretty amusing.

Cuddles with uncles are the best!

During the mouth of November, the boys wrote done things they are thankful for.  The items ranged from cheese puffs to God's grace.  Love it!

My friend Suzanne and I savored our championship moment as co-female winners of the Squanto Scamper, Thanksgiving 5 miler race.

Smiling on the outside, freezing on the inside.

And the winners got...a pumpkin pie!  Suzanne, being the sportswoman that she is, forfeited the pie to me.

It's been over a week since I touched my blog.  In the span of those days, life has happened and left little leisure cyber time.  

Thanksgiving seems like ages ago.  Memories of pumpkin pie and mashed potatoes are eclipsed with the onslaught of Christmas frenzy.  I was still digesting the sweet potatoes while scattering garland around the Christmas tree.

I debated on what to write.  I could recount our Thanksgiving meal, discuss the highlights of our long holiday weekend, or expand on our festive Christmas decorating. 

But those things aren't weighing on my heart.

I'm singularly focused, as of late.  A four letter word is occupying my every thought: mice.

In my last post, I discussed our little mouse problem.  Mouse being the key word.  Since that post, the mouse met his demise at the hands of a well-placed trap.

The kids were a bit disappointed with our method of mouse removal. They had other ideas.  

Caleb suggested we get a snake to slither around the house and scoop up any fury critters.  (Because a hungry pet snake sliding around the kitchen will completely put my mind at ease!) 

Cooper, on the other hand, found mouse traps to be so commonplace.  He had more unconventional ideas.  Cooper decided to smear Vasoline all over his bathroom floor in the hopes of getting a mouse stuck in the gooey mess.  And for those unfamiliar, Vasoline actually has the opposite effect and turns a floor into a skating rink.  For days, we took one foot in his bathroom and sailed straight into the shower.

As hinted in my last blog, I had high hopes that that mouse was a loner, a bachelor.

No such luck.

Within the last few days, we've discovered remnants of his friends/family.  Yesterday, I found a Crisco stick  in our pantry with a gaping, gnaw-shaped hole.  I concluded a couple of things about our mouse.

This mouse is not the least bit health conscious.  I prayed that this mouse would succumb to a heart attack from the effects of digesting a mass quantity of lard.

This mouse is a tricky.  Maybe this mouse used the Crisco for other purposes.  Perhaps he smeared it over his body so as to squeeze into tight places.  We've seen evidence that he's landed in places that only a Houdini mouse could reach.

This mouse has no problem inflicting terror upon our household.  I can't even wash dishes without being ravaged with fear (and because of that fact, I told my husband I don't think I can wash dishes anymore:)).

Nonetheless, we're back to square one.  Traps are set and the Vasoline is in hiding.


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