Friday, December 26, 2014

Merry Christmas 2014

Christmas morning is the highlight of the year and treasured by all.

The celebrating and eating continued on Christmas night with more family.

A few days before Christmas, we visited the big guy.  Some were more excited about the experience than others.

Santa train ride followed a visit with Santa.  I told the boys I rode this train as a child.  Cooper asked, "Did they have that technology back then?"

Three days before Christmas, neighbor kids joined the boys in cookie decorating.  Sugar was enjoyed by all.

A December family birthday/Christmas celebration in Cincinnati with more family.

Per our tradition, joined the Maxwell family for a Christmas Eve church service and dinner. 

In Cincinnati, spent time with my brother and his family at their church's fun night.  The kids (and grownups) had a blast in the photo booth. 

Chris pegged this Christmas as his favorite.

I was surprised by his declaration.  This Christmas, although fun, was a bit mundane.  There was no "wow" presents under the tree.  We didn't ring in the holiday with some grand celebration.

On Christmas morning, we opened presents under the tree, and then we gathered around the kitchen table and devoured a Christmas egg casserole and pastry (plus the Jesus Birthday cake!).  

The rest of the day, the boys retreated to the recesses of our house.  Rules, schmules on Christmas.  And so they indulged in extra screen time and devoured sugary treats while still in their pajamas.

As for Chris and I, we did as we pleased.  I thought, This is what it's like to let your children do anything they want.  I'm sure it leads to harmful effects, but the short-term living is pretty divine.     

Chris called this Christmas relaxing.

I agreed.

Sometimes the most memorable Christmases are the ones with the least amount of action.  

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