Thursday, January 1, 2015

Chilly New Year's

It's 55 degrees in my house right now.  That's warmer than freezing, but colder than what's comfortable.  As mentioned in my last post, our furnace went kaput, and we're too cheap frugal to get a new furnace on New Year's Day (waiting until January 2nd for that purchase leaves a big chunk of change in our pocket!).

We've learned to function in a cooler home.  We've bundled (most of us...Collin had to be talked into wearing a shirt and pants.  Please say common sense comes with age!).  Several space heaters are roaring.  The fireplace has become a centerpiece for just about everything.

Still, to bemoan our "first world problems," a brisk home has its challenges.  The toilet seat is icy.  My hands are perpetually numb.  I feel like only doing tasks that can be accomplished under five plus layers of blankets while wearing an equal amount of clothing items.

Even in the midst of our "trial," we've experienced joy.  Last night, we grabbed as many blankets as we could clutch and dragged them in front of the fireplace.  With a backdrop of a luminous Christmas tree and the soundtrack of a cackling fireplace, we all engaged in a communal slumber party.  It was one of my most favorite New Year's Eve memories.  At midnight, all huddled under the blankets, we watched the ball drop in New York, and then we listened as neighbors celebrated with fireworks at the stroke of midnight.  I loved experiencing that moment with the boys, and then waking up with them the next morning and realizing it was another year with all the hope and expectation the change of calendar brings.

And of course, our lack of heat carries with it a deep appreciation of the friends and neighbors in our lives.  We have been bombarded with generous offers of help.  For that, we are so grateful.

(And I told the boys we had the opportunity to reenact pioneer days.  Chris added, "minus the dysentery."  Love the medical humor!)

Nevertheless, we're ready for heat and the normalcy that brings.  That should come tomorrow.  As for tonight, we're buckling down for more togetherness, hot cocoa, fleece blankets, and memories.  One day, I imagine the boys asking, "Do you remember the New Year's Eve when we lost heat and slept in front of the fire?"

Of course, I remember.

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