Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Best Sort of Award

Caleb poses with his good buddy Trace.

We received an email today from Cooper's teacher.  When I spotted the email in my inbox, my heart beat faster and my palms started to sweat.  Historically, personal emails from teachers bring the sort of news a mother dreads.

Just wanted to let you know that _______ had a rough time.

______ seemed a little more spirited than normal.

________ just didn't seem like himself.  Is he lacking sleep?

You get the drift.

I opened the email with much trepidation.  Slowly, I scanned the words.  My heartbeat slowed.  My fists uncurled.

It was a notice to attend Wednesday's honors chapel because Cooper (yes, our Cooper) is getting the Fruit of the Spirit award: the award for Christ-like behavior.

I sat stunned for a moment, and then I became a bit giddy.

I thought about his first eight years of life.  I reflected on his many "spirited" moments and all the patience and love that has been poured into this child. 


The one who never met a tree he wouldn't climb, never faced a challenge he wouldn't tackle, never met mischief he wouldn't engage in.


The one who's first to lend a hand, first to give every cent in his piggy bank, first to be a friend.

Of all the awards Cooper could get in his life (and I hope there are many), this one makes us the proudest.

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