Monday, February 9, 2015

Mermaid Half Marathon-San Diego

Fresh off the plane to San Diego, we visited the Torrey Pines PGA golf tournament.  I know zilch about golf (just scored PGA tickets from our friend's brother).  However, I knew enough to identify this guy as Tiger Woods.  

 Soon after this hole, he dropped out of the tournament for back issues.

And this golfer is Phil Mickelson!


Second day in California, we hiked around this little piece of paradise.

And toured around towns that I hope to visit again.

 And imagined we were surfers.

Honestly, I'm expected to return to the Midwest after gazing at these sights?

Found this cross at the top of Mt. Soledad, an amazing place to take in views of all of San Diego and the ocean.

Day three, we awoke early and traveled down to downtown San Diego for the Mermaid Half Marathon.

Picture is totally out of order....But smiles tell it all!

Best rate yet!  I got a PR and dipped finally into the 1:30s.  This was my pacer during most of the race.

Claudia rocker her race with a 1:33.

Enjoying the after race glow.

Claudia scored a second place age group win.

I walked away with a third place age group win.

Stretched out our legs on an afternoon hike.  Someone forgot to mention the incline (and that we'd be walking six more miles)!

But the scenery made everything worth it!

And before I had a chance to blink, we were back on a plane home.  We traveled back over the mountains to the midwest.

Where I was met with a mountain of laundry and reality!

This morning, I awoke minutes before the boys.  With bleary eyes, I fumbled for the light and dragged myself out of bed.  If any morning required a solid dose of caffeine, it would be this one.  My body was still on California time, but my life and children were not.

Caleb greeted me at the door.  There was no grand display of affection.  No kisses.  No hugs.  No squeals of delight accompanied with "Mom, I missed you!"  Instead, he said, "I have lots of laundry for you to do."

And welcome home to me.

Back to reality.  The carefree, glamorous (well, we did "sort of" have a brush with a celebrity) weekend in California seemed miles (literally) away.  I was back to full time mom mode.  

And honestly, that was ok.

It was a weekend that we [Claudia, her friend (and now my friend too) Sarah, and I] squeezed the life out of every single minute.  Fresh off an early plane into San Diego, we jumped into the sunshine and tried our best to blend into the golf crowd at the Torrey Pines Golf Tournament.  In my book, the sport played second to the views along the golf course.  Pacific cliffs stood steps away from the golfers as if to ensure the athletes knew their place in the hierarchy of magnificence.

The next day, we continued to feast on the scenery.  A morning hike offered panoramic views of the desert landscape and the ocean.  An afternoon stroll took us through quintessential surf towns with easy access to sandy beaches. 

Day three, we did what we traveled to California for: to race.  Sarah, Claudia, and I ran in the Mermaid Half Marathon.  Much to my delight, the course flanked the (flat) bay and shied away from San Diego's notoriously hilly terrain.  I became Laura's, the pacer's, shadow for most of the race.  She kept me running a solid race and pushed me into the finish line seconds under my goal.

To celebrate, we spent the afternoon exploring another one of San Diego's park with trails.  This one was hilly.  The sort where one wrong step could result in an ER visit. (And did I mention the many warnings about rattlesnakes and mountain lions?)  But the views?  Oh the views!  San Diego you're killing me here.  You're making the rest of the country look bad.  We just can't compete!

The next day, we headed back to the Midwest.  We arrived in the dark and the cold.  The flat terrain and the endless cornfields welcomed me home.  I wanted to jump back onto the plane and return to the place where it is warm and beautiful.  But, home for me is more than sunshine and beaches.  Home is where there's a house full of boys and a place teeming with love...and laundry.  

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