Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Sick Day

Images from Connor's Hoosier Wax Museum at school.  Connor played a charming Knute Rockne.  

Monday afternoon I sat in my minivan in the school parking lot and watched the boys barrel towards the car.  It was a common scene, but this time the boys radiated a level of excitement (or was it revulsion).  Time would tell.  

They reached the minivan at the same time, and each boy roared out excited utterances.  The meaning was lost within the jumble of words.  

But then I caught sight of Connor.  He had tears streaming down his face, and he was clutching his stomach.

He sobbed, "I didn't know you could throw up out of your nose!"

It was a pivotal mom moment.  I could have easily screeched out of the parking lot and retired to the serenity of home.  I could have easily left my sick son at school and had an evening without the stench of vomit mixed with carpet cleaners.  But I couldn't do that.  I wouldn't do that.

I asked Connor why he didn't let his teacher know he was sick.

"I did," he wailed.  "She said it was too close to the end of the school day to go to the nurse."

Caleb chimed in, "You have to say you're going to get sick. Those are the magic words to get out of class."

Life lessons from Caleb.  

I eased my ailing son into the car and ferried him home.  I tucked him under a mound of blankets and let him rest on the couch.

The rest of the night went as planned.  Caleb left around 7 p.m. for a tween Bible study.  All was good again in the world, until about an hour later when I received a call from his Bible study leader.

In a solemn voice, the Bible study conveyed the news.  Caleb had vomited (several times) in the church hall.

I rushed over to the church and found Caleb and the Bible study leader standing in the hallway.  Caleb was clutching a plastic Ziplock (I guess the best they had) bag.  His Bible study leader looked less than charitable.  

I apologized profusely for my sick son and insisted I had no idea he was sick.  The Bible study leader looked skeptical.  In fact, I think he scowled just a bit.  I imagine having a child cut into the study with vomit sort of ruins the discussion time for everybody.  I wondered if there's a passage in the Bible that reads, "Thou shall forgive each other's vomiting trespasses."  If not, there should be.

Tuesday, two boys stayed home from school.  I wanted to be angry and annoyed about the whole thing, but I just couldn't.  I spent their sick day cuddled up with them on the couch.  I joined them in long naps.  For one mother who has squeezed the life out of many days as of late, a sick day was welcomed...and even enjoyed.  

Just don't give me too many of them.  

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