Monday, March 2, 2015

We're moving South...who's with me?

Saturday night we celebrated a friend's 40th birthday with a Masquerade party.  Love the masks....cover wrinkles!

I stopped looking at the weather.  If I don't look, I can imagine conditions are improving. I can tell myself spring is days away and snow is a distant memory.  

But this ignorance of the weather caught up with me this weekend. On Saturday night, snow flakes landed.  It was a light dusting at first, but then they grabbed friends and combined forces.  Within hours, the snow swallowed our yard and driveway.  On Sunday, the relentless snow continued until white mounds blanketed our landscape.

I wanted to give up.  For a good while, I considered packing our bags and traveling south. Where?  I'm not sure.  Just south.  We'd stop wherever the temperatures soared above freezing and the grass wasn't afraid.

During our latest snowapocalypse, Chris was in Texas at a medical conference.  I'm sure he spent many hours studying the latest science on cardiac arrests and learning about improved suturing techniques.  But I didn't hear about those things.  I heard about the awesome barbecue dinners and disappointing weather (in the 40s).  I scanned our snowy drive and thought about how 40 degrees must feel.  Tropical, I imagine.  Glorious, I thought.

What to do on a snowy Sunday when even church is cancelled?  How does one mom fill all those hours?  As luck would have it, Collin contracted a stomach bug.  And for those lazy, unscheduled hours, I divided my time carpet cleaning and snow shoveling.  Problem solved.  

The other boys stayed busy too.  They spent time outdoors creating snow structures and masterpieces.  At one point, I caught Cooper carrying a power drill, spackle, and superglue into the yard.  When asked, he said all items were needed to create his snow igloo.  Of course, right. I pried the power drill away from his fingers.  (I imagine Chris would be displeased to find it laying in the front yard come spring.)  I strongly encouraged Cooper to use snow as a sealant rather than spackle and super glue. Who else envisioned him glueing his gloves together?

Today is Monday.  Collin woke up with pep and vigor.  The snow had stopped.  Sunshine flooded through the windows and the yard seemed to sparkle.  Yesterday's memories shifted in my mind.  The snow and the sickness seemed more like an adventure than a burden.  I love how sunshine does that to a person.

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