Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Did you hear the one about.....

If you're wondering where to find the Wood family during spring.....

 look no further....



soccer fields!

"Do you know what part of the cake dentists like the most," Caleb announced holding center stage in the van.

His boy-filled mobile (captive) audience had little time to respond before Caleb unleashed the punch line with the precision of a well-trained comic.

"The filling," he chuckled.

Cue the laugh track.

(Or the groans.)

And so our morning commutes have turned into amateur comedy hour in my minivan.  As soon as his brothers are strapped (trapped) into their carseats, Caleb begins his bit.

"Why did the picture go to jail," he chirps.

Wait for it...

"Because he was framed!"

Ba dum tss.

As one who enjoys adding humor and levity into life, you'd think I cherish these lively morning commutes.  But there's only so many times I can be asked why the strawberry was crying (because he was in a jam) or why 6 is afraid of 7 (because 7 8 9...give it a minute), before this mom feels her sanity start to wane.

As I feel my blood pressure rise,

"What does a robot frog say?"

I feel the voice of reason take ahold of me.

"Rib-bot!  Get it!"

I focus on how many times our minivan has looked more like the site of a WWF meet than a comedy club.

"Why do cows wear bells?"

And so I bite my tongue and focus on the laughter.

"Because their horns don't work."

And I start smiling too.

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