Tuesday, April 7, 2015


No shirt required when greeting an Easter basket.

And the Easter Bunny is savvy enough to know exactly what each child wants.

Don't be fouled by the smiles.  Not one of these kids wanted their pictures taken, but this mom insisted on a pre-Easter Egg hunt photo before they were unleashed into the yard.

Fortunately, there is no age limit (or height limit) on this Easter egg hunt.

Just like his mom....will run for chocolate!

Most holidays we've tried to instill traditions.  We celebrate the same way year after year.  But Easter has been different.  Perhaps it's because the date changes.  This means some years the Easter photo shows the kids clad in parkas, and other years they are sporting flip flops.  Some years Easter falls on Spring Break and other years it sits within the normal school week.

This year Chris was working on Easter.  (Can't people wait to get injured or ill until after the holiday?)  So, we attended Easter service on Saturday night.  I had mixed feelings about attending a service on the day before Easter.  I fluctuated between thinking we were superior church goers because we were the very first congregants to hear the sermon to feeling a bit like we opened all our presents before Christmas morning.  Wasn't church supposed to be the center piece of Easter?  The real Easter day.  Nevertheless, the church was packed. Either everyone else in town was working on Easter or people were worried they would stay up too late watching Final Four games to make it to Sunday morning church.

Easter morning, the boys raced downstairs to get their baskets.  I tried to go light on the candy, and heavy on practical (yet fun?) gifts.  Nothing says Easter like a good pair of goggles and a sturdy pair of pajamas!  The boys can mention the lack of candy in therapy one day.

After baskets, the boys and I returned to church, but to volunteer.  Our pastor pleaded with the congregants to step up and help out on as he described it, "the Super Bowl of church days."  The church lured volunteers in with the promise of donuts.  My boys took the bait.  We were assigned to pass out programs at Door #5.  Fortunately, Door #5 is not the main door, but a bit secluded.  I rested easy knowing any boy shenanigans would probably not be captured on the church's big screen.  

But before we took our positions, the boys wanted to be paid upfront in the form of donuts.  We entered the volunteer room and the boys gasped at the sight.  Not only were there donuts, but bowls of candy and sodas too.  As a surprise to no one, the boys began loading up plates with candy morsels and snagged sodas. 

Caleb looked at his brothers with disgust and grabbed a plate.

"I'm going to eat healthier," Caleb announced with an air of superiority.  I then watched him pull a donut onto his plate.

Caleb said he was making the more "sensible choice" selecting donuts over candy for breakfast.

When he puts it that way, it sort of makes sense.

I let the boys eat candy and drink sodas for breakfast.  A mommy don't.  (But remember the Easter baskets with little candy?)  I figure if candy and sodas are part of the allure of volunteering at church, I'm willing to make some nutritional allowances.

Easter was capped off with dinner at my parents home followed by an Easter egg hunt.  As my kids have aged, I've wondered if the appeal of the Easter egg hunt would wane.  So far, the tweens race around the yard with as much giddiness as their younger counterparts.  Again, the allure of candy does wonders!

As much as I treasure holiday traditions, I enjoy the variations in the way we celebrate Easter.  We may celebrate differently, but the cornerstone of the day remain the same: faith, family, and (of course) chocolate.


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