Saturday, April 25, 2015

Happy 14th Anniversary

Because our weekends are packed with kid activities, we had to squeeze in an anniversary celebration a few weeks in advance.  We combined our favorites: yummy Mexican food, decadent cake, and good company.

He says I make him laugh.  

That makes me happy.  

When I spit out something irreverent, flighty, or humorous, he laughs. And his laughter is my favorite.  It's full-belly, authentic laughter.  The sound from his mouth matches the gleam in his eye.  His cackle lightens the room.  He's happy, and I was the cause.  

Nothing brings me greater joy.

He listens to my stories.  He nods and maintains eye-contact as I tell the long-winded tales, the pointless sagas, and the catty nonsense.  He acts as my sounding board, my confidant, and my advisor.  

Nothing brings me greater comfort.

He tells me his own stories.  He talks about his love for Kenya, his desire to be a good doctor, and his quest to grow deeper in his faith.  His words give me glimpses into his soul, and every exposed layer shows me the beauty that sits beneath his surface.

Nothing brings me more pride.

He looks at our boys with emotions I know well.  His deep love for his son matches my own.  He is the only one in the world that knows our boys as intimately and deeply as me.  He shares in the pains and joys of raising each son, and enjoys going through the process together.

Nothing brings my more happiness.  

Caleb says this blog post is sappy.

No apologizes. 

I'm a sap.  

Fourteen years ago, I said I do.  

It was the best decision I've ever made.

Happy Anniversary to my dear husband.  

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