Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Best Mother's Day gifts

Love these pictures from last weekend's baptism.

Saturday was spent on the soccer field.  On the sidelines, I visited with friends and neighbors.  Most conversations turned to Mother's Day and expected plans.  I outlined how I imagined the day would go:  church, lunch, soccer game, and then tending to the boys alone when Chris raced off to work.  Sometimes I would emphasize the fact that I would be solo with the boys most of the day as I hoped to conjure up a morsel of pity. (And to properly debunk any notion that my Mother's Day would be glamorous, lazy, and pamper-filled.)

After reciting my plans to yet another friend, she said, "So, you're just being a mother on Mother's Day."

We laughed, but something in what she said stuck.

I realized I had been bemoaning my Mother's Day because I felt that the day deserved a grandiose present or elaborate celebration.  But, the best gift I could receive on Mother's Day are not found in a jewelry box or in the form of a spa gift card, but in my children.

I wasn't just being a mom on Mother's Day, I was blessed to be a mom on Mother's Day.  All four boys, with their accompanying joys and challenges, are the best possible gifts.


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