Wednesday, June 24, 2015

California Dreaming!

Just returned from a week long vacation to California.  We squeezed all we could possible do within an 8 day period.

First stop: Muir Woods.  Boys couldn't get over the size of the trees.

Next we drove to Point Reyes.

Along the ride, we happened upon this pack of seals.

Unfortunately, Point Reyes Lighthouse was a bust.  It sat somewhere amid the fog.

But we caught glimpses of the ocean beneath.

Does this make anyone else nervous?  Too many cliffs, and too little fear with this one.

Afterwards, we headed towards a nearby beach.  It was not the bikini sort of beach, but the parka kinda one.  Cooper dipped his feet in the Pacific for the first time.

Day 3, we headed to Yosemite.  Notice the temperature change.  We jumped about 40 degrees to see another round of ginormous trees.

Another first: walking through a tree!

Half Dome.  The view never got old.

Glacier Point!

El Captain!

I ran five mornings in California and each run was a different experience.  (I also learned that I'm not meant to take or be the subject of a selfie!)  This is my Yosemite Valley run.  I was warned against the dangers of mountain lions and encouraged to carry a Texas toothpick (a.k.a. knife).  To be on the safe (and boring) side, I did laps around the parking lot.

Falls hike the next day.  The gentleman that recommended the hike as a "casual climb" needs to be throttled.

The next hike to Mirror Lake was a hit.  The boys spent over an hour sliding down rocks and frolicking in the (freezing cold) lake water.

The view out of Yosemite was breathtaking.  It was the sort of country where the cactuses outnumbered the humans.

The next day, I ran in the tiny town of Bridgeport, California. I would refer to it as a "one horse town."  I could run the entire length of the downtown in .4 miles.  But, the views of the Eastern Sierras in the background was beautiful!

We drove to Lake Tahoe.  

The first stop was a gondola to the top of Mount Heavenly.

The view from the top!

Then, we went even higher by traveling upward on a ski lift.  Final elevation: 9,900 ft!

Up at the top, the boys zip lined down a portion of the hill.

Next stop: a dip in the (freezing) Lake Tahoe.

My Lake Tahoe run.  I spent a part of the run racing along the Nevada/California state line.

The lake in the background was amazing.  My favorite run on the trip.

The kids loved the boutique hotel we stayed in at South Tahoe.  Here is the courtyard outside the hotel.

Where we devoured s'mores.

The room was truly unique.

The next day, the boys amused themselves with the rocks and water.  They didn't tire of exploring the beach terrain.

Father's Day was spent in Tahoe.  We brought along a gift and card to celebrate the day.

Last run on the trip.  Is it just me, or do I look cross-eyed?  Ran along the wharf and had a great view of the Bay Bridge.

A staple of a San Francisco trip: the Cable Car.

And Lombard Street!

My favorite: Ghirardelli Square!

The sea lions kept us entertained.  Caleb informed us it's sea lion mating season.  So much for G rated sea lion viewing!

Coit Tower provided a great backdrop for sack lunches.

We thought about riding bikes across the Golden Gate Bridge.  A few factors stopped us, but none more than the freezing cold temperatures.  Still happy to see this view by foot!

Bye Bye California!

Until next time....