Saturday, June 6, 2015

First Week of Summer

One more picture from my friend Jessica from the Vermont City Marathon.  Fun weekend, not so fun race.

After the last day of school, we held our annual end of the school year party.

This year, the boys invited classmates, and not neighbors.

Having an all boy party was....energetic.

It was a bit like a fraternity party.

One boy said the party ranked up there with the top 20 days of his life.  I guess that's a compliment.

After the party, I collapsed on the couch.

Caleb's last day of 6th grade with his teacher Ms. Mais.

Connor's last day of 4th grade with teacher Mrs. Fisher.

Cooper's last day with teacher Mr. Truitt.

Collin's last day of kindergarten with teacher Mrs. Lehr.

Pictures from a few weeks ago for the Kenny Chesney concert.

For a week now, we've been on summer.  A week.  Seven days.  Now that I'm counting:)  It's been good, but an acclimation.  On the boys'  first day home, we visited two grocery stores (one of which was Costco).  The giant size pretzel bag and two tons of yogurt lasted us about a day.  Suddenly, I remembered something crucial from summers past: my job for the next 10 weeks will be to prepare food, food, and more food for four growing boys.

In between bites, I've asked the boys to do chores.  Caleb scoffed at the idea and called chores "a crime against summer."  Although I appreciate his way with words, I refused to back down.  Caleb and Connor now man the dishwasher.  As such, they've started a campaign to use paper plates and plastic utensils, and to combat child labor.

We've also reinstated the Wood summer mileage club.  The boys can earn electronic time for miles run/walked.  Last summer, this policy erupted into an epic portion of whining.  This summer, is different; some sons are happy to trade sweat for screen time.

But, the first week has been enjoyable.  As my children age, summer becomes easier and sweeter than the year before.

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