Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Next Picasso?

Today I watched my boys.  Collin sat at the kitchen table with paper and pencil.  With the precision of a skilled artist, he created graphics on a page.  I glanced at his artwork.  His drawings were mature and creative.  He seemed talented beyond his years.  Biased?  Perhaps.  But, immediately my mind started to swirl.  I thought about Picasso, Monet, and Rembrandt.  I considered Jim Davis and Charles Schulz.  Did I have the next Walt Disney on my hands?

Then, I looked at Cooper.  He was perched on the computer writing the latest installment of his nail-bitting detective series, "Duck-tectives."  He "quacked" me up with his tales and escapades of a crime-fighting duck.  I read his words and my mind started to wonder.  I thought about Hemingway, Faulkner, and Dickens.  Did I birth the next J.K. Rowling?

On a daily basis, this sort of thinking permeates my brain.

As I watched Connor slide down the basketball court, I pondered whether he was the next Michael Jordan.

As I observed Collin whip up a steamy bowl of mac n cheese, I could see the next Julia Child.

As I eyed Connor slicing a soccer ball across the field, I could envision the next David Beckham.

As I listened to Caleb belt out a tune on the trumpet, I could imagine him as the next Louis Armstrong.

As I heard Collin whisper the most profound prayer, I questioned whether he would be the next Billy Graham.

As I admired Cooper's Lego creation, I considered whether he was the next Frank Lloyd Wright.

As I heard Caleb retelling about a zillion facts and observations, I considered whether he's the next Einstein.

As I noticed Cooper creating a unique concoction in my kitchen sink (thank you Cooper!), I speculated on whether he's the next Pasteur.


Then I'm snapped back to reality. 

More than likely, we don't have the next Bell, Poe, Pollock, Bird, or King in our house.  We have a Caleb, Connor, Cooper, and Collin.  They are unique individuals that are not the "next version" of anyone.  And, that's enough.  They don't have to be anything other than the best versions of themselves.  That alone will make this mama proud.  

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