Monday, July 27, 2015

No Added Sugar-Day #1

Diet Cokes have been replaced with other (less savory) options.  My friend recommended this substitute beverage.  Caleb took a couple of swigs and said it tasted like Alka-Seltzer.  I think that might be kind.  

As the minutes tick closer to midnight, I feel grateful that Day #1 of the no added sugar challenge is done.  I survived.  I'm still standing.  I made it, but something felt like it was missing (and that would be sugar).

Breakfast consisted of Grape Nut cereal.  It was a completely fine breakfast.  But, it lacked the "wow" and the "yum" that gets folks out of bed.

By mid-morning, I missed Diet Cokes.  Missed would be a gentle word.  I craved my Diet Cokes.  I noticed that when a son performed some sort of shenanigan, I missed my Diet Cokes even more.  I think Diet Cokes are my cigarettes.  They are my "go to" when life becomes unruly and stress invades.  Breaking this habit will require a radical diet transformation and change in psychological soothing.

Lunch was salad.  I was hungry about an hour later.  To make matters worse, I spent my afternoon at the pool surrounded by children munching on such items as nachos and ice cream treats.  I'm sure my cucumbers were just as tasty.

Dinner felt normal.  I dined on a veggie omelet and roasted potatoes.  No dessert.  It felt like a little part of me died.

I've heard cutting out sugar makes you feel great.  I believe it.  But, I also believe it doesn't happen right away.  I've heard the first few days are pretty miserable.  I concur, but I'm one day closer to feeling better...I hope.    

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