Thursday, July 30, 2015

No Sugar Added Diet-Day #4

Paddleboated in downtown Indianapolis with a group of friends.  The laughter never stopped.  Somehow I ended up on the boat with all the boys.  Go figure!

As a recap, I'm on a two week no-added sugar diet thanks to the nudging of Claudia, my (former) friend and dietician.  At the conclusion of two weeks, Claudia wants me to sit on a panel and discuss my experience; she wants me to write about the process too.

For the last few days, I have not blogged about my experiences on the no added sugar diet.  What's that expression, "If you don't have anything nice to say...."  I didn't feel the need to type out a tirade about my irritability and frustration over the minute-by-minute desire to consume sugar and its cousin, artificial sweetener (in the form of Diet Coke).

I will say "they" were right.  On the fourth day, I had a breakthrough of sorts.  I can embrace my morning feast of Grape Nuts.  I can munch on almonds and carrot sticks and not feel totally annoyed.  The Diet Coke craving has waned, but still lingers when I see friends sipping on the icy beverage.  I no longer think about cake, cookies, and candy 24-7.

What I have noticed is that adhering to a no sugar diet can be confusing.  As one who never read a label in her life, I've learned a lot and realize how much more I have to learn.  Rarely does a label come right out and admit sugar is included in a product.  Sugar is disguised under several other names, including dextrose, fructose, sorghum syrup, etc.  You practically need a dictionary and a dietician to translate terms and determine if they do in fact mean sugar.

I also have realized the challenges of sticking with this diet. Take yesterday, our neighbors inviting us to visit their chapel.  The evening took longer than expected.  By the time 8 p.m. rolled around, we were starving.  Our crew and neighbors rushed to the closest restaurant, Jimmy John's.  I was in no mood for a salad.  I was hours past a salad.  I ordered a veggie sandwich instead.  I didn't check to see if the bread was made entirely sugar-free.  I knew the veggies and cheese passed the test.  Did I cheat?  I don't know.  But, I did the best I could manage in the situation.  And, that's what I think is sustainable with this diet.  I think trying to make the best choices that fit within a lifestyle is a diet that can stick.  That's what I hope to learn in the remaining 10 (just 10!) days.

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