Tuesday, July 14, 2015

When It Rains....

 .......big trees tumble.

.....and twist.

.....and damage.  (This is a neighbor's house I can see out my back porch.)

.....and make a mess.

....and close roads.

....and bury baseball diamonds.

....and turn parks into ponds.

A few weeks ago, we were in California.  What little grass remained in the state was a dull shade of yellow and brown.  The hotels and restaurants recommended limited water usage due to the drought.

In the Midwest, we have different woes.  The rain just won't stop.  It has been relentless.  And it brings friends.  Lightning, thunder, hail, and strong winds have almost become commonplace.

Yesterday, we suffered through a mid-morning storm that knocked over stately trees and unhinged shutters and mailboxes.  During the height of the storm, I was spooked and raced down into the basement until the winds calmed.  When I emerged, the neighborhood appeared disheveled.

We had a brief clear evening and then the storms returned.  The clamor of hail pellets accompanied the thunder and lightning.  Collin panicked and slipped into my bed.  Under the covers, we folded our hands and prayed the trees would hold and the lightning would pass.

Collin added, "And please don't let the frogs get struck by lightning."

And that too.

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