Friday, August 7, 2015

No Added Sugar-Day #12

Grateful to leave my suburban bubble and serve at Shalom House with my family and friends.  Shalom House is an awesome place that serves hot meals to those in need.  The woman who work in the kitchen are the most godly, other-focused ladies around and true heroes.

Hairnets are not our best look.

Caleb made enough sandwiches to get a job at Subway.

I actually like the taste of natural peanut butter.  This statement alone speaks volumes.  In the span of almost two short weeks, my palate has changed.  What I once found akin to eating spackle, I now crave.  

I've learned to make some mean, tasty (just to toot my own horn) dishes.  Two days ago, I whipped out a veggie pad thai that would rival any fancy restaurant (says the girl who craves natural peanut butter!).  I ate a bean burrito wrap that made me cry tears of happiness.  Bottom line:  I am eating.  I'm eating well.  I'm enjoying the food.  Who would have thought?

I will say, there are moments when I CRAVE sugar.  Mostly, they are the moments when sugar would be used as a form of soothing over the crisis or challenge of the moment.  

Take today. 

I ran 15 miles in my latest round of marathon training.  For those unfamiliar, running 15 miles, leaves people a wee bit tired.  Then, I managed four boys (with a preteen feeling particularly cantankerous and another son feeling much so that I caught him climbing about 20 feet off the ground in a tree).  Then, my car broke down.  Sweet AAA man fixed the car battery just to discover my side door would not shut.  Would not budge for anything.  For a split second, I wondered if it was frowned upon to drive around town with the van doors open.  Natural air conditioning, right?  Probably not recommended.

My point: the weight of all of those issues left me pining for anything and everything ice cream, cake, pie, or cookies.  When I realized these things were not possible pacifiers, I almost cried.  Reality hit.  I had to deal with my frustrations and challenges without my sugary friends.  Instead of reaching for a Snickers, I grabbed a journal and jotted down my feelings.  Honestly, it was healthier for me, and I felt the heaviness of the day dissipate as I put pen to pad.

Two days remain in the no added sugar challenge.  I'm excited to snack on a reward treat after its finished, but I'm wondering if I'll even like it after so many days.


To follow up on the van breakdown story.  I've recently completed a 40 day prayer challenge.  In the book, the author recommended writing down prayers so as to have a prayer genealogy.  He says then when we write down our prayers, we can truly document the times when God has moved and acted in our lives.  As I reflect back on today's van saga, I spy the hand of God touching a bad situation.  I'm grateful:

-For the sweet man who stopped to ask if he could help.  He couldn't, but I was touched by his willingness to lend a hand.

-That we broke down in a park.  The kids had plenty of places to run and play while we waited for AAA.

-That the weather was beautiful.  We weren't too cold, hot, wet, or snowy while we waited for the repairman.

-That the AAA man came quickly as he was nearby when the call arrived at dispatch.

-That the repair was easy and free as a member.

-That the sweet repairman could get my van door closed.  Who knew I should be praising God for such things as closed van doors!

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